How To Tie A Durag

January 02, 2023

How To Tie A Durag

Step 1. Place Your Durag On Your Head
  • Align the center seam of the durag with the center of your head.
  • Position the front edge of the durag between your eyebrows and hairline.
  • Make sure your hairline is covered.
Step 2. Put 1 Durag Strings In Each Hand & Wrap Durag Strings Behind Your Head Until They Make A X Crossing Each-Other
  • Pull the ties on both sides of the head back along the respective sides of your head.
  • Position the ties between your ear and head, keeping your ears exposed.
  • To prevent for-headlines & the ties from rolling up like ropes, press them flat against your head to flatten them out.

Step 3. Bring Ties To The Front Of Head & Cross Them.

  • Bring ties to the front of the head one at a time, to ensure durag is wrapped correctly.
  • Ensure durag strings are flattened to avoid forehead lines. This also creates a cleaner look
  • To prevent headaches avoid pulling the sting extremely tight 

Step 4. Bring Durag Ties To The Back & Tie Knot

  • Tie a good knot in the back that isn't to tight.
  • Single or double knot, its your preference (single is more relaxed, double more compression)
  • Avoid tying unaesthetic big loops. Not only does it look goofy, it will make your durag come off easier in the night.

Step 5. Pop & Pull Durag Cape/Flap To Give A Snug Form Fit.

 Video How To Tie A Durag: