March 30, 2021

What does a durag do?

What is the purpose of a durag? A durags main function is to maintain and protect your hair and upkeep it’s desired style. A durag is worn to save hair moisture while packing the hair and holding it set to make the ideal 360 wave pattern or protect hair(braids/twist) from frizzing & looking old.

Wearing a Durag could help your hairstyle last up to 2 times longer. Some people wear a durag to protect their hair or preserve their hairstyle like 360 waves, braids , twist ,locs, even a fresh press , while others say it helps retain hair moisture to achieve results like healthier set of hair or clean 360 waves. Others wear their durag as a fashion accessory , even some  individuals without hair wear them as a cap. The Durag that has been relevant in the culture for over 40+ years. Durags are traditionally made of satin (silky durag), silk , or velvet materials. But there are also countless other materials that can be used to create a premium Durag . Regardless of why you might wear a durag, it is important to know what a durag actually does.

What does a durag do to straight hair?

A Durag will lay down and compress straight hair preventing it from frizzing and tangling. Depending on your hair type waves maybe achieved. The Durag will also expedite the 360 wave process by holding the wave pattern in place during any activity that may cause the waves to loosen their pattern. There's nothing worse than progress being ruined from tossing in turning in your sleep or going to hard in the gym. Where to buy durags?

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