February 07, 2021

Black durag
Quality over quantity

Tired of buying a new Durag every other month because the quality of the last one you purchased just didn't hold up? Loose stitching and random slits of holes in our Durags is something none of us appreciate. I mean how can it protect your hair with holes?

The Wave Check Cozy Ragis designed to last! The elastic silky fabric is very durable withstanding more cuts, scratches & punctures than the average Durag.

Aesthetically Pleasing & Stylish

Simply put, our durags get compliments! Even our Plain Jane rags with no designs stand out by featuring something as simple as a pop of purple in the outline of Durag.

The Wave Check Cozy Rags Feature a mild sparkle in the base color (black) of each Durag. Instead of a dull & faint color , reimagine what Black Candy Paint would look like! Let’s just say the paint job on this Durag is wet & gets attention.

Stretches & Adjust To Most Head Sizes & Shapes

The Wave Check Cozy Rags Feature a elastic in-house fabric that allows the Durag and to stretch and adjust to different head sizes and shapes.

No more wondering if the durah will fit your head correctly, this material fits like a glove giving maximum compression leaving NO HUMPS OR LUMPS IN YOUR DURAG.

Durag Tails: 40 Inches Long 2.1 Inches Wide ( we understand some individual prefer not to lay their bands flat. With our rags , lay them flat or let let them curl.

Long Cape: Don’t worry about your Durag having no hang time or hitting your shoulders. We took it back old school with a 18 inch cape that’s sure to cover the back of your neck and hit the middle of your upper shoulder.

Fits Snug Like A Glove | Yet Very Lightweight & Soft

When we think of something that fits tightly around the head area, we usually can conclude that after wearing it for some time a HEADACHE will arise.

This isn't the case with the Wave Check Cozy Rag, hence the cozy. Out material is so lightweight you may often forget you are even wearing it. Rock your Durag for in comfort for hours if you must.

Black & Purple Option

Triple Black Option

If Color is not for you and your looking for something more subtle , our Triple Black Cozy Rag is the way to go.

Live Video Of The Snug Fit