Collection: Wave Check Silky Elastic Durags (Snug+Stretchy+Durable)

Soft |Stretchy | Durable

The Tactical Durag That’s Soft As A Pillow, Stretchy As Rubber-Band & Absorbs Sweat Like a Sponge!


The Wave Check Silky Elastic Durag provides maximum stretch and a snug fit, paired with a soft breathable texture fueled by our in house Acqua Silky Fabric, providing ultimate stretch, comfort & sweat wicking features. No more losing essential hair oils from open pores due to excess sweat & heat.

Gym Run?

Don’t grab a SILKY!!! Your essential hair juices will seep through your Durag from sweating , stripping your scalp of it’s essential oils needed for healthy hair. Keep the silky for bedtime.

Try out the Wave Check Cozy Rag made from sweat wicking materials designed to absorb sweat from the forehead area and keep the head cool with our Coo-360 technology. When ones head temperature is cool the pores remain closed leading to less sweat, preserving more of your hairs natural oils.

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Wave Check Silky Elastic Durags (Snug+Stretchy+Durable)

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