Velvet Durags

Velvet Durags

The Velvet Durag is made from high-quality stretchy velvet material which allows you to one size fits all. It is comfortable, stylish and durable enough for even the most active lifestyle. The unique fibre mix of this product gives the owner a soft and comfortable fit.

A velvet durag is a durag that is made from velvet materials on the outside of the durag. Normal durags are normally a satin mix, so by choosing a velvet durag you are getting a much better quality of durag and also staying warmer during the coler months.  

Benefits Of A Velvet Durag

One of the biggest benefits when looking at velvet durags is how soft & stylish they are. Unlike normal satin durags, velvet durags turn heads and get a tad more attention due to their high quality construction and feeling.

This velvet durag is a great addition to any collection! Made from velvet materials and satin threads, this durag will last you for years. It also looks great with any outfit.

 Velvet Durag VS Silk

 Comparing velvet durags to silky , would be the equivalent to comparing a great action film to a great comedy. They both have their own unique properties. 

Looking for something to assist that 360 Wave Journey? We’d say grab a silky , looking for something to cover your head in public while complimenting your outfit , go velvet. 

Are Velvet Durags Bad For Your Hair?

Ever heard of the saying “ there’s a time and place for everything”, well look at the velvet Durag in the same light. 

Velvet Durags turn heads and have a very aesthetically pleasing look to them, they are great accessories that can compliment one’s outfit. 

However on the reverse end of that they don’t provide much compression to the hair ( W.C. Cozy Rag or Silky will give maximum compression).

This doesn’t mean that Velvet Durags aren’t great durags, it just a Durag you decide to own for a different purpose (style & comfort ).

How To Tie Your Velvet Durag

Velvet Durag Care

Hand Wash your Velvet Durag 2-3 times per month to ensure there is no unnecessary build up of natural hair oils, pomades or moisturizers.

Why A Wave Check Velvet Durag?

We pride ourselves on quality first! Each Wave Check Durag has been constructed to last. No more buying a new Durag every month because your last one ripped. 

No more SUPER WIDE TAILS! Have you copped a durag lately and wondered . . . Well....  is this a Durag ? Maybe the seller even blamed the 8CM wide Durag tails on “ laying down your edges perfectly  “. We are here to tell you that is a lie !

There’s no reason your Durag should feel like a whole extra Durag is attached to it. Our Wave Check Velvet Durags Feat a 5CM Wide Tail giving off a more classic and neat look.

Velvet Durags Near Me

Local pick-up available in Seattle Washington