Wave Check Black Cozy Rag
Wave Check Black Cozy Rag
Wave Check Black Cozy Rag
Wave Check Black Cozy Rag
Wave Check Black Cozy Rag
Wave Check Black Cozy Rag
Wave Check Black Cozy Rag
Wave Check Black Cozy Rag

Wave Check Black Cozy Rag

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We have constructed the most comfortable & stylish  Black Durag.

Durable , tactical, comfortable and fashionable

  • Light as feather & Stretchy as rubber band that creates a very snug yet light/comfortable fit for maximum compression. 
  • Durag Straps:40.9 Inches (elastic stretch )
  • Cape Length : 


The Durag that you forget you are wearing. Our new innovative material gives off a feeling of coziness.The best articles of clothing stem from comfort and the Cozy Rag is so light and breathable , at times you may forget it’s even on your head.

Worried if the Durag will fit you correctly? Worry no more, with our new innovative elasta stretch material , this black Durag will stretch and shrink adjusting to different head sizes.

No more headaches in the morning or throughout the day. Rock your rag with comfort. 

Flatten the Black Durag straps to make the durag fit  more comfortably and avoid Durag lines, not easy to fall off when you sleep.


The Wave Check Cozy Rag is constructed of fabric built to last. With our Elasta Stretch Spandex material this Durag is built to last! 


Our cozy Durag material features Shiny Flakes that make the Black Durag POP & STANDOUT compared to our competitors and other dull black durags ln the market.

These flakes were inspired by our cultures CANDY PAINT featured on cars.

 Be prepared to receive compliments and a whole bunch of “ aye where did you cop that Durag ?”  


The Wave Check Cozy Black Durag can maximally seal moisture of hair and promote overall hair health . The Durag will keep hair oils off your pillow and your bed clean. 

Wave Check Cozy Rag is the optimal Durag for preserving the hairline and overall hair protecting . It can protect your hair in every way and reduce the abrasion and friction caused in sleep.

Are you 180,360,540 or 720 wave journey? What about a someone just looking to wrap their hair at night?  Wave Check Cozy Rag allows one to begin their journey equipped with the best durags for 360 waves assisting the ways you can keep your hair healthy .The durags snug fit allows for maximum compression locking styled hair in place.  


-Professional Dry Cleaning Recommended

-Hand wash or Machine wash in lukewarm water on the most gentle cycle available.

- Minimize spin time

-Do Not Use Bleaches

-Do Not Tumble Dry

-Hang dry if possible, however, avoid direct sunlight exposure.

- Keep out of touch of pets/sharp objects/ long fingernails