Wave Check Checkered Flag Durag

Checkered Durag 

Get a race-inspired look that prominently features one of the original skate brands in the business, with the Wave Check Checker Flag Durag. This Durag is highlighted by Silky appearance.

Design- Originally designed from the designers of Wave Check. Anything else is a replica! 

Optimal Benefits - For those on a 180, 360, 540 or 720 wave journey! Our durags keep hair compressed throughout the night, locking in moisture and keeping desired style in place. Wave Check Durags provide hair with ultimate protection, while simultaneously allowing hair to breath through its cool comfortable fabric.

Texture/Material - This durag features a light breathable stretchable Silky/Satin material that keeps hair compressed throughout the night, while simultaneously locking in ultimate moisture required for 360, 540 and 720 waves.

Tactical - Approach your 360 wave journey with Wave Checks Official durags ,designed to maximize wave potential. Our Durags are made with a triple seam located on the outer layer of the durag, to ensure no inseam marks don’t break your wave pattern. Long & Wide 40 Inch Tails

Quality Control - Wave Check Durags ensures all products are made with care and love. Each durag is carefully examined and tested (durability) before packed and placed on the market. We ensure our customers the best quality durags with durags ranging from : custom, velvet, silky, and original.


This contains one Durag each for $19.99 !! 

Strict Return policy: 

*** provide photo of damaged rag (must be caused by us during the design process of handling . Any damage caused by customer due to in proper care isn’t eligible

Must return within 7 days delivery date 

Durag must be unworn**