Velvet Bandana Durags
velvet durags
Velvet Bandana Durags
Velvet Bandana Durags
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Velvet Bandana Durags

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You asked so we provided!

The Wave Check Bandana Durag is back and this version has been designed for those who appreciate velvet material and a extra STRETCH IN THEIR DURAG.

Inspired by classic video game Grand Theft Auto San Andreas , this version also features new color ways, Balla Purple and Grove Street Green, with our signature Wave Check logo stamped inside the tail (to show off when you tie that joint to the front or side ). WEAR ONE THESE DURAG IF YOU WANT COMPLIMENTS

Are you tired of durags where the cape barley reaches your back? 

- Look no further we have solved that by creating a cape side that on average reaches top mid back 

-Featured Long Tails: 42 inch tails (material expands and contracts)