About Us

About Us

It started back in ‘99! That’s me in the white Durag posing next to my two cousins and brother.

As you can see I started rocking durags at a very young age. Problem was I could never find any dope durags. For lack of better words they were corny, poor quality and designs were wack.

20 years later and I decided to start creating my own durags designs making them readily available for purchase

Wave Check provides customers with premium protective headwear options, including but not limited to, durags, bonnets, head scarfs, and bandanas.

Our mission is to promote hair health by providing our customers with various protective and fashionable material options, ranging from velvet, silk, and spandex, all designed for healthy hair care. That’s why every Wave Check product that we design (and redesign) is made with one goal in mind: to promote hair health simultaneously assisting the 180, 360 and 540 wave process.

Our Products

When it comes to making the most tactical, comfortable and breathable protective headwear, Wave Check is the world leader in durags and wave topicals.

 Wave Check Durags feature a triple seam/wide band, one size fits most that heavily assist in hair and hairline protection.