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Our Durags stretchy material allows anyone to fit our durags comfortably with perfect compression. Versatile for many hairstyles & textures. Rather your rocking braids, fades, twist or locs.

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No More Forehead Lines & Headache!

Tired of waking up to forehead lines from your durag? Our thick straps and silky spandex material leaves no marks!

How To Moisturize Hair

Fall Is Here. Get Your Velvet Durags.

If your looking to keep your hair protected on cool fall eveings, our velvet Durags are the perfect solution. Our Velvet Durags are lightweight, breathable and durable!

Why are durags banned in the nba?

Bandana Velvet Durags

The durag for cooler weather.

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Velvet Durags

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BLM Durag

Preserve Your Hairstyle, While Making A Statement

WC X Legalize Blackness Durag

Your braids shouldn’t look like you need a RE TWIST after a couple days.

And your your lineup shouldn’t be uneven days after a fresh haircut.

Our Durag provides maximum compression & protection, making your hairstyle last longer.

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Wave Caps That Stay On All Night!

Red Wave Cap


The Wave Cap is designed is made for an easy slip-on. Sometimes we don’t feel like tying a Durag , or maybe you want to double compress. The elastic band helps prevent headaches & slippage from your head at night.

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Womens Edge-Band

Women Care

Lay down your edges, fight breakge, lock in moisture, retain heat and maintain a healthy edge line.

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Black durag

Wear Your Durag In Public

Looking to add a little flare , not really feeling the plain jane durags. Check out our exclusive designs (Bandana, flame, camo, blm & much more).

Wear Your Rag In Public
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